PHOTOS: Bauchi gov leads prayer at Hajj

PHOTOS: Bauchi gov leads prayer at Hajj



Bauchi State state governor, Bala Mohammed on Tuesday led a section of pilgrims in prayer during the ongoing Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

He shared pictures from the Hajj on his Facebook account on Tuesday.

The governor who wrote in Arabic said, “God is great, God is great, God is great. There is no god but Allah, He alone has no partner, He is the sovereignty, and to Him is the praise, He lives and He is all-powerful. All praise is due to Allah.

“On this glorious day of Arfa, the one with no example to many Muslim communities, we beg Allah’s holy names to seek forgiveness from our public and hidden sins. We shall not fail to ask for God’s mercy in our lives and after, and comfort of mind and peace in our states and our country Nigeria.

“Dear Muslim brothers, let’s use this day to pray to Allah for a blessed life, blessed wealth, blessed children, and good leadership that will make our country better.

“As leaders, O God, hold our hands, don’t leave us with our ability, put your fear in our hearts, don’t let us follow our hearts. Oh Allah accept our prayers and worship.”

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