I get angry, I’m not an angel – Gospel singer, Igbekele

A gospel singer, Esther Igbekele, has revealed that she being a gospel singer doesn’t stop her from getting angry.


Speaking with The PUNCH in a recent interview, Igbekele noted that doing gospel music does not mean one is foolish.

She said, “Some people seem to think that because one is a gospel musician, one should condone whatever is done to one. But, there are times that one needs to talk.

“Being a gospel singer does not mean I won’t talk if someone annoys me or does something that makes me flare up. However, whenever one reacts, some people will say one should not have responded because one is a Christian. I have tried to grow a thick skin. But, I am human, not an angel.”

On the issue of gospel musicians getting paid for ministrations, Igbekele said, “I am a professional artiste, though I choose to sing gospel music. The kind of ministry I run needs funds to operate. The only way I can maintain myself and the people working with me is by being paid (for services rendered). Even the Bible states that ‘evangelism cannot be done without money’.”

Asked about her current project, she said, “I will be releasing a single to celebrate my birthday, and to encourage people that they can only get better through hard-work and consistency.”