American church organises special prayer for Nigeria

American church organises special prayer for Nigeria

By Christian George

The American House of Prayer Embassy has organised a special prayer for Nigeria with the view to saving the nation from its current political crisis.

The New York-based Church led by Bishop Bernissier Destine believes the prayer would help overcome political challenges currently putting citizens against themselves and dividing the nation along ethnic and religious lines since the conclusion of the poll exercise, especially the Presidential Election.

This was made known by Bishop Destine in a statement made available by Pastor Kayode Jacobs, who is the Nigerian Coordinator, Let’s Pray For Nigeria.

According to Nigerian Tribune, the prayer session, scheduled to hold this Saturday at 7:00 am in New York and noon in Nigeria, is expected to seek the face of God for healing and reconciliation of Nigerians from the wound inflicted by bitter tribal and religious propaganda employed by politicians in the race towards the presidential poll.

Bishop Destine noted that rather than lead an issue-based campaign, politicians in Nigeria had wrongfully exploited the sentiments of average Nigerians to create a Muslim- Christian divide, plus North, and South disenchantments, lamenting that well-meaning citizens, unfortunately, fell for it “and now Nigerians are bitter and suspicious of one another.”

He continued, “no nation can grow while divided against itself. And that is why all those who seek the good of Nigeria and love her people must rise to seek the face of God for the country,” the cleric said.

He enjoined Nigerian churches to focus on God and believe that God’s plan will always prevail.

He encouraged citizens to rest on the lessons of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ than keep seeking ways to respond to any form of so-called provocations, denigration or deprivation that would drag it away from its natural mandate of being the light and salt of the nation.

“While it is not wrong for the Church to stand for and defend what is right and for justice, it must be cautious at all times that the weapon of our warfare is not canal and as such, must not be dragged into the murky waters of political bickering,” adding that
“at such a time as this, Nigeria needs divine intervention and the Church and all well-meaning people should diligently seek such to help heal the wounds created by politicians and bind the brokenhearted together again,” he added.