Your candidate may fail, ex-CAN youth president warns religious leaders

A former National President, Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Daniel Kadzai, has warned religious leaders in Nigeria against political sentiment ahead of the 2023 general elections.

According to Daily Post, the Co-Chairman of the Interfaith Coalition Conference, cautioned leaders from openly declaring their support for a politician, claiming that such theatrics could backfire on Christians if the candidate they are portraying fails.

Kadzai who stated this in his new year message also berated the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), for the current economic woes which the nation is experiencing.

Nigerians, he believes, should be optimistic that 2023 will deliver them the best in terms of strong leadership. He argues that poor leaders have existed on both the Christian and Muslim sides, and he advises church leaders to tread carefully when promoting a candidate.

“These religious leaders, especially the church, must stop deceiving their members. If what they’re proposing fails, it will backfire on their members. So it is better they just stay neutral, especially since the pulpit should be used for the purpose of salvation where they preach love, peace and unity. It should not be a jamboree of politics or political gathering,” he said

“Despite the challenges facing this country, God has been faithful and Everybody celebrated Christmas and New Year in peace. God put these wicked rulers in shame and even though the price of rice is almost N50,000 now Nigerians were able to buy it. No one said they did not have something to eat.

“The religious sentiment being played among us with some churches publicly declaring for one candidate. For instance, bringing Peter Obi to church and all that, what if he fails? What if he loses the election? Some come up with Tinubu, saying he is Muslim Muslim ticket but the same people kicking against Muslim Muslim ticket are still holding meetings with Tinubu at CAN’s headquarters.” he said.