Why Nigeria needs peace before elections – Archbishop Martins


The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Rev. Alfred Martins, has revealed why Nigeria needs peace for the conduct of the 2023 general elections.

According to Vanguard, cleric stated this in a homily delivered at the 2023 New Year Mass, in which the 56th World Day of Peace was also celebrated, at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos.

The prelate thanked Almighty God for the gift of the New Year and urged all Nigerians to take active roles in the upcoming general election by voting in only God-fearing candidates capable of bringing the country to prosperity.

While acknowledging that Nigerians had a tough year in 2022, Archbishop Martins stated that the country now requires God-fearing leaders who will wipe away the masses’ tears.

“We need peace in Nigeria this 2023. Without peace, the forthcoming general elections would be a task in futility. I know many parts of the country are witnessing so much insecurity. That is why our security agencies must work round the clock to secure all parts of the country and ensure that all the criminal elements are brought to book.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged that he will ensure that we have credible elections. I do not doubt that he means well. But he cannot do it all alone. We must all play our path by ensuring that we come out to vote for the right candidates and also make sure our votes count. That is a way of ensuring that our elections would be credible.” he said.