‘Why Christians must read Bible genealogies’

Why you mustn’t skip Bible genealogies- Beautiful Y. Goldly

The Holy Bible contains three key things namely promises, principles, and prophecies of God, according to a popular Nigerian minister, Apostle Joshua Selman, and many clerics across the world always stress the need to study the bible.

A total of 66 chapters make up the Christian bible which houses 39 books in the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi, and 27 books in the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation.

Reading the bible is different from reading novels but many Christians may agree that while going through the 929 and 260 chapters in the Old and New Testaments respectively, there are some documentations that aren’t that attractive to read, and that’s genealogy.

The documentation of a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor of different bible characters like Jesus, Noah, and Abraham, could be found in both the old and new testaments but there’s a general notion that Christians, especially the young ones, always try to avoid reading it.

However, a tweep with the username @Beau_Yet_Godly on Saturday outlined why Christians must not skip genealogies saying that it proves that the events of the scriptures actually happened at the places and lineage can still be traced to this day.

The tweep admitted that she used to skip the genealogies but she took her time to peruse them and realized that there are actually great insights hidden.

She further stated that when Christians take their time to read genealogies it helps them see how interconnected everything and everyone is as it pertains to the salvation story.

Why explaining the scriptures, she pointed out the story of Stephen. “Remember how Stephen summarized the scriptures and told them about their history from Abraham down to Jesus?” She queried.

“Their hearts were pricked because Stephen presented them with facts-they heard the truth such that they were uncomfortable and eventually stoned him to death.

“Biblical genealogies show God’s hand in history. When we see Isaac’s name we think of how God saved him from Abraham and Sarah in their old age. When we see Noah’s name, we’re reminded of how God saved him and his family in the flood.

“I understand the names can be quite difficult, but, we hey, we’re not reading the Bible to compete, are we?” She asked.

Her thread generated replies from her over 50 thousand followers including that of @davidach who likened some stories in the bible to the popular adventure movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Some parts of the Old Testament feel like a treasure map from Pirates of the Caribbean or Indian Jones; just codes, cyphers and Spiritual intelligence buried everywhere,” he said.

Another tweep with the username @engr however believes that “there are great insights there if you allow the Holy Spirit to show you. I got a message from there so interesting.”

@Ini-tial added, “Used to skip them as well, until I stumble on this early this year…read each and every letter of every name ever since.. He said, “Version is a new Messianic Version between Hebrew and English.”

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