[VIDEO] Hijab: Lawyer dresses as traditionalist, appears in Lagos court

[VIDEO] Hijab: Lawyer dresses as traditionalist, appears in Lagos court
Lawyer wears traditional outfit to Supreme Court

A week after appearing before Abuja Supreme Court dressed in a traditional outfit, a human rights lawyer and activist, Barrister Malcolm Omirhobo, caused a stir again, this time, at the Federal High Court in Lagos State on Monday by wearing the same garb to a proceeding.

Religion Nigeria reported that Omirhobo’s strange appearance began last week in protest against the Supreme Courts ruling which upheld that Muslim students in Lagos can wear hijab win public schools.

Reacting last week,  Omirhobo who described the garb as one usually worn by Olokun traditional worshippers, said that “… even my children will dress like this to school. I will encourage my fellow traditionalist; those who are serving Olokwu, Sango(god of thunder) and Ṣọ̀pọ̀na (god of smallpox), to dress like this because it is always good to be religious. We need to be close to the spirits.”

While addressing newsmen last week, he stated that “Ifá has told me that if I wear shoes, I will be dead…” Religion Nigeria spotted him wearing in a pair of slippers which he later took off in the video uploaded by a Facebook user below:

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