Valentine: Catholic bishop urges godly love

Valentine: Catholic bishop urges godly love


Wilson Adekumola

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo, Emmanuel Badejo, on Monday urged Nigerians to practice godly love at this Valentine celebration and ensure that they continue to live in true love for a better society.

The cleric reasoned that if people could actually emulate St. Valentine’s genuine and altruistic love, then the celebration should not only be marked on February 14 alone, but people should should continue to live in love for the society to be a better place to live.

His Valentine reads: “Once again, it’s Valentine celebration, the feast of love, the feast of lovers. Valentine’s Day is a day for all of us; it’s for everybody. For family, for husbands and wives, for young lovers, for old lovers, for every human being that is made in the image and likeness of God.

“St. Valentine, with whom this feast is associated, lived for selfless love that heals and helps other people. Authentic love like his is so much needed in our world today where there is so much hatred, killing, bloodshed and conflicts. We need authentic love and agents of authentic love.”