Tweeps react as Pete Edochie shakes hand with Ooni of Ife

Tweeps react as Pete Edochie shakes hand with Ooni of Ife

A viral video of legendary Nigeran actor, Pete Edochie shaking hands with the revered Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, has continued to stir up mixed reactions on social media.

In the video shared by Kanayo and Ooni on their verified Instagram handles, the actors had walked into the venue of Elizabeth Jack Rich’s 40th birthday party and they approached Ooni’s table to exchange pleasantries with him.

The duo delighted to see Ooni extended handshakes simultaneously and ended with the traditional and popular Igbo backhand handshakes.

Kanayo had captioned it, “Last night was awesome @peteedochie @babarex0 @chidimokeme and the very outstanding His Royal Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Enitan, Ooni of Ife.

However the video has continued to generate various reactions over the manner at which the actors greeted the revered monarch.

A tweep, identified as Man of Letters said, “Igbakeji Oorisa?! It’s acceptable that he received the cross-culture respect handshake with Pete Edochie because the man Pete carry, but what’s his excuse for doing it with Kanayo O Kanayo??”

Sharing a different opinion, @Kelvin Odanz said, “Is this ceremony holding in the Ooni palace? I mean, if an Igbo man (from a culture that doesn’t bow to another man) meets the Ooni in the UK for instance, is it disrespectful if he chooses to greet the respected Oba in a way he was brought up to respect dignitaries?”

Another user identified @ Onyemauchi tweeted, “This man supposed be King for him community”

“While criticizing the Igbo for their long history of disrespect, tracesorba wrote, “Igbos don’t bow down to any man, An evolved or wise man is their our own Chi.”

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