Tweeps react as Abuja pastor storms altar with AK-47

Tweeps react as Abuja pastor storms altar with AK-47



Social media was sent agog on Sunday after pictures of a pastor went viral for carrying an AK-47 riffle to the Altar.

The pastor identified as Uche Aigbe, was reported to be the presiding pastor of the Abuja Chapter of the House on the Rock.

While explaining the reason for his action, he stated, “Some people are looking for my trouble. And I came here prepared.

“Today, there are some pastors with the gift of divination who go about ripping people off. This is why we should carry our ‘guns’ and defend ourselves. I will particularly be coming very soon for some of you sleeping in the church.”

Reacting to the incident, @DeleOlusegun2, tweeted, “AK-47 rifle is now so cheap to bear and we have govt in position. Something is definitely not add up”.

In response @Slimzjin, tweeted, “And as gullible as we are in this rock called Nigeria, we’ll hail and praise him for it”.

A tweep who attempted to explain the rationale behind the act @PsymoneBaseman, tweeted, “The gun was strictly for illustration and belonged to one of the security personnel attached to the church. The message preached was titled “Guard your faith “. Get the full message and listen to it please before you start to judge and change the narrative.”

However @EreebimoAla, knocked the pastor for the act, “Whether for illustration purposes or not. If he doesn’t have licence for that riffle he shouldn’t be holding it publicly,” he tweeted.