Tinubu’s emergence is God’s will – Delta cleric

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Tinubu’s emergence is God’s will – Delta cleric

The Senior Pastor of God’s Judicious International Assembly, located at Otughievwen, host community to Utorogu Gas Plant in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta state, Apostle Quest Omajuwa has stated that the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu emergence in the February 25 general election is the will of God for Nigerians.

He said God wants to use the challenges and criticisms Tinubu is facing to showcase the value of responsibility place on him, urging the former Lagos state governor not to lose focus despite criticisms, stressing that he will make Nigerians proud.

Omajuwa said in his message, “It’s the will of God that you emerged the winner of the general election held on February 25 2023, although there were notable criticism from few eminent Nigerians who were afraid of you becoming the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“This is not because you have evil intention behind your ambition, but because God wants to use these people to make you know the importance of your good agenda and the value of the responsibility that God is placing in your mandate.

“You will make Nigeria to be proud of her worth again and this will turn the heart of Nigerians to love you despite the former hate displayed by some Nigerians against your noble personality.

“The swearing in on May 29, 2023 shall be successful. There shall be a major legal challenge and other threats to your leadership, but it shall not be long and it will be over. You are going to survive your first term in office with a very much good report in the midst of several technical attacks against your government, but it will not change anything.

“God is going to make good name through your leadership and beyond. There will be some crises in the area of focus, but let it not distract your goal and target knowing that there’s nothing like having a good name in the sand of time.

“I know you understand Nigerians and the need for the present age in terms of modern development and reservation for the future needs. Good hearted people are praying for you across Nigeria even if they can’t speak loud to your hearing. Don’t reply those who throw hate speech at you openly no matter what.

“You will live long as you continue to do good as you have been doing. Also learn not to encourage anything that could produce a brutal or harsh society in the nearest future. God bless you and keep you as you journey through the will of God for Nigerians”.

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