Selfishness, corruption make Nigeria’s resources appear insufficient – Kaigama

Selfishness, corruption make Nigeria’s resources appear insufficient – Kaigama

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama has disclosed that it was selfishness and corruption that made Nigeria abundant resources not enough for equitable distribution.

The Archbishop made this disclosure at a homily held at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral of Abuja Archdiocese,

He urged Nigerians to emulate the equitable distribution of proceeds from sales of personal possessions by members of the early Christian communities.

The cleric stated further that “Africa’s most populous nation will continue to experience effects of social retardation if the country’s resources are not equitably distributed.

“How the early Christian community equitably distributed the proceeds of their sales should be a model for our social, political and national life,” he added.

“The early Church was a community in which no one was left in abject poverty or misery because they held all things in common,” Kaigama said.

Archbishop Kaigama expressed concern over Nigeria’s ‘enormous material resources’ that do not seem sufficient for all citizens as a result of selfishness and corruption by the leaders.

“Nigeria is blessed with enormous material resources, but the deep-seated corruption associated with public service has seen the gross mismanagement and embezzlement of our common patrimony,” he added.

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