Same-sex marriage insult, pollution of creation – Oyedepo

Same-sex marriage insult, pollution of creation - Oyedepo

The founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide otherwise known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has described same-sex marriage as an insult and pollution to creation.

In a video of a recent sermon, Oydeepo said it is abnormal for a person to grow up and decide to change his gender or marry someone of the same gender adding that it is foreign and an abomination to African culture.

He said, “The world is so polluted that now they don’t want to call him or her, ‘when she grows let her decide what sex she wants to be,’ what an aberration. What a pollution of creation. None of our children will be trapped by it.

“It is an insult to creation. I saw a man that was regretting that madness. He said ‘they could change the hormones in your body, but they can’t change your nature.’

“… a woman wants to become a man, a man wants to become a woman, what kind? If my father married a man, I won’t be born, if my mother married a woman, I won’t be born. It’s share wickedness.

“All around the world today, they’re perpetuating, they’re propagating.”

He continued, “You have an unstable son, you say he should go somewhere, far away from you. When he was with, he can’t hear… When parents speak to their children, they hear, that’s our culture. No one will do the job of a parent for you.”

Praying for the congregation, he said, “in the name of Jesus, no one shall be misguided in the journey of life. All your children will give you rest. Your children will be colourfully married.”

Watch the video below: