Pope Francis plans Argentina visit in 2024 amidst economic turmoil

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Pope Francis has announced his intention to visit his homeland, Argentina, in 2024, according to local media reports.

Despite being away from his country for over a decade, the first Latin American leader of the Catholic Church, has expressed his desire to return, stating “I always wanted to return.”

However, he has requested that his visit not be associated with Argentine politics, saying “Don’t link me to Argentine politics, please.”

If the trip goes ahead, it will take place a year after the general elections scheduled for October 2023.

Argentina is currently grappling with significant economic challenges, with annual inflation at 100% and poverty levels approaching 40%.

The Vatican has not yet commented on the Pope’s reported plans.

Nonetheless, Pope Francis has made several trips abroad, including to Africa, since assuming his position in the Vatican.

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