VIDEO: Oyedepo blows hot over Owo massacre

Same-sex marriage insult, pollution of creation - Oyedepo

Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, on Wednesday lashed out at the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government, describing it as evil from head to toe.

Oyedepo, in a recent video circulating social media, condemned the brutal killing of scores of worshippers at St. Francis Church, Owo in Ondo State.

He said, “I know the God I serve, and I know that the church is His beloved, and you touch the church, you touch the apple of His eyes. Whatever you now see is what you have chosen. But I know this God, let God arise and let his enemies be scattered.

“He will scatter them; this God will scatter them. Do you know that there has been no response yet? My God, 50 people slaughtered? My God! This government is evil from head to toe. I knew it, I shouted it, this government is evil. Now the jungle is matured, church people, come to church, let no devil scare you.

“Anyone that dared the gathering of the saints from now is finished, finished from their roots. He said every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment; you shall condemn. Do you mean you can’t find where they are, or you put them there?

“My God, show yourself within days; let the next seven days be days of horror, let it be days of horrors in their camp, days of irrecoverable devastation. As for you (Church members), your life is safe; anyone called by the name of the Lord is secured in this nation.

“I am not an ordained prophet, I am a God-sent prophet and you should know by now when prophets speak, people should listen. See where you brought yourself into, I knew they were evil people, I knew them.”

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