Ooni of Ife launches OjajaMore retail outlet

Ooni of Ife

Ooni of Ife launches OjajaMore retail outlet

The Head of Yoruba race, Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, has launched a retail store brand name, OjajaMore, a variant store and food-chain outlet dealing in groceries and other consumables in Abere, Osun State.

At the launching on Tuesday, the Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, hailed the monarch for the laudable establishment stressing that it would improve the commercial activities of the state.

Governor Adeleke said, “Today marks my 100th day in office as the Governor and all I have to say is to thank the Ooni for going out of his way to make life better for all.

“The infrastructure here is a challenge to government and I want to assure the entire public here that the lesson has been taken. Development should not be left to the government alone, we all must take a cue from this investment.”

Commenting on the outlet, Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi, expressed fulfilment of his age-long aspiration to establish a retail outlet that will be beneficial to the Nigerian youths with a view to creating an enduring legacy for Africa in the global space.

The monarch explained further that, “It started in Ile-Ife last year and I am exceptionally fulfilled to unveil the OJAJAMORE in Abere through which the socioeconomic lives of our people will be advanced.

“Beyond our vision to create an indigenous entity with a modern continental outlook which will play a prominent role in people’s lives as a conduit that provides relatable experiences beyond traditional shopping while driving a robust economic culture, we saw the need to contribute to the growth of our immediate communities (Abere and Osogbo) and make them ready for business.

“In doing the above, we rehabilitated the 2.5 Kilometer Road from the Osun State Government Secretariat roundabout down to Ojaja Mews where we have the OjajaMore and installed Solar-Powered streetlights for the neighbourhood. This I believe will broaden the boundaries of business growth, increase efficiency, and incorporate value-added elements that will span a remarkable experience and instil a deeper bond in customers.

“The OJAJAMORE is part of my multichannel investment strategies, which will naturally serve the Ife Grand Resort and Industrial Park, the OJAJA Arena (a 3,000-seat multi-purpose event center), the OJAJA Hostel (a 2,000-bed hostel facility at Obafemi Awolowo University), and other iconic facilities that I have built in Ile-Ife and the surrounding communities over the last six years. This was a promise that I made at my historic coronation six years ago, and I will stop at nothing to fulfil the truest vision of Ile-Ife as both a symbol of ancient and modern economic powerhouse,” Ooni said.

On the sustainability of the investment, the traditional ruler said, he intends to use the retail store initiative as his deliberate way of getting youths productively engaged.

“My sole focus is to engage the Nigerian youths productively as we groom them to take leadership positions. They must start somewhere and that is why I am giving them OjajaMore as the platform, it is beyond mere buying and selling.

“Beyond grooming young minds and serious-minded youths in retail business, this initiative will offer over 100,000 direct and indirect employment to our youths across the country, thereby contributing in no small means to human development and capacity building. That’s my target” The Ooni said.

The Head of Oduduwa race also revealed that Ondo State outlet located in Akure at the completion and will be launched soon, adding, that of Lagos, Kwara and Oyo states among others are on the way in line with the plan to have 100 chain stores in the next 18 months and create productive employment for Nigerian youths.

The Chief Executive Officer of OJAJAMORE, Benedict Gbayesimore, while speaking to the participants, noted that the initiative has been beneficial to human development and capacity building since its inauguration in Ile-Ife last year.

He said, “In our six months of operation in Osun state, with our headquarters at Ile-Ife we have attracted a lot of multinational companies to Osun state, e.g. Far East, Multilpro and many others. And we have encouraged over eight hundred MSMEs, aggregating from them their various products from chin-chin, plantain chips, elubo, garri, yam, just to encourage the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises of our society. In a situation like this where we have our economy dwindling the MSMEs are expected to be encouraged that is why we say OjájáMore is the first indigenous retail store in Africa. This is due to the fact that seventy-five percent of our products are locally sourced.”

“Our Farm Market is another breathtaking and groundbreaking innovation in the retail industry, it would seem as if we had known that there will be a cashless policy that will affect vast majority of Nigerians who are not used to alternative methods of payment. Today, we can say boldly that we are the first retail store that is running a Farm Market in its full-fledged. This has given a lot of people the opportunity to come in and shop with ease.”

Remarking,the Timi of Ede, Oba Munirudeen Adesola Lawal commended the monarch, describing the project as great transformation for the Abeere Community and Ede town at large.

“With OJAJAMORE and the Housing Estate here, the land and other properties here are now more valuable and we are thankful for this,” Oba Lawal noted.