Lent: Catholic cleric urges Christians to imbibe spirit of forgiveness

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Lent: Catholic cleric urges Christians to imbibe spirit of forgiveness

The Catholic Priest of the Holy Spirit Church, Onireke, Lagos, Reverend Father Anthony Okereke, has called on Christians to learn how to forgive those who trespasaed against before they make their entreaty to God to forgive their own sins.

Okereke made the call during the celebration of Lent Mass on Saturday, noting that the mass was conceptualized in order to draw the believer closer to God during the Lent period.

While explaining that the Lent season is the best period Christian faith seek God for the remission of their sin, the priest urged believers to re-establish their relationship with God.

Tribune reports that Okereke said the significant of Lent to every Christian life cannot be overemphasized, saying that it is the best time to make peace in the society.

“The fasting and prayers that we undertake during Lent will be meaningless if we still harbour acrimony against our neighbours.

“If we expect God to forgive us for our misdeeds, we must first forgive those who have wronged us.

“We must remember that God created man in His own image and likeness, so we must begin to make peace with your fellow humans,” he said.

Onireke also called on Christians to intensify their prayer for the national unity, peace and progress of the nation

“If there is a man to pray, there is God to answer. Let us use the Lenten season to seek the face of God,” he said.