Lagos monarch punches chief, victim demands justice

Lagos monarch punches chief, victim demands justice

The monarch of the Adijo community in Badagry, Lagos State, Shaheed Adamson, allegedly punched one of his high chiefs, Micheal Kunnuji during an argument.

According to The PUNCH, the traditional punched Kunnuji, his second-in-command during the heated argument at the palace.

Following the altercation, some youths threatened to destroy the king’s property over the incident but the intervention of policemen from the Badagry division stopped them from carrying out their threat.

The policemen allegedly refused to make an arrest even after Kunnuji filed a complaint at the station, directing the high chief to the Badagry General Hospital, where he was treated.

A medical report from the hospital, which was obtained by our Newshound, stated that one Inspector Amina Bara referred Kunnuji to the hospital.

The report affirmed that though Kunnuji was conscious when he was brought to the hospital, he was in pain and bled from an injury in the upper part of his eyes.

The high chief, who spoke to the Punch said he was assaulted by the monarch when he paid him a visit after returning from Jerusalem.

Kunnuji explained that a crisis started between him and the monarch when he purchased a transformer for the community, a project the king did not support.

He said, “On September 30, 2022, I went to meet the monarch alongside the bishop that came to do thanksgiving for my coronation anniversary. When I got there, I greeted him in our Egun dialect, saying, ‘I hail you, your highness.’ Then he started shouting in public, saying, ‘Do you see him, look at the way he is greeting me.’

“He told me I was stupid and I also replied that he was stupid. Before I knew it, he punched me in my face with a ring and blood started coming out. I did not retaliate; I just left his palace with my bloodied face.

“I and my lawyer, who was present at the scene, went to the Badagry Police Station to report the assault on my person. After writing a statement, the police said they could not arrest him because he was a king.

“I am filing a case of assault against him; I have employed the services of legal professionals and I will see that I pursue this case and get justice.”

Kunnuji’s counsel, Ganiyu Adeola, said he was taking steps to ensure justice was served.

He said, “We know that nobody is above the law. If an Oba has committed an infraction that is criminal, he must be dealt with accordingly.”

When contacted, the monarch did not confirm or deny the allegations against him.

Adamson, however, said that the high chief could go to court.

He said, “Let him go to court, what is your own problem? Are you not a journalist? Why are you asking me such a question? Why can’t you advise him to go to court? Is this the work of a journalist?”

He hissed and cut off the call.

The DPO of Badagry Police Station, SP Peter Gbesu, denied the allegation that the officers could not arrest or invite the monarch.

He declined further comment and referred Newshound to the state police spokesperson.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, promised to confirm and get back.

After several attempts to get feedback for days, Hundeyin told The Punch not to disturb him, saying he could not be forced to react to the incident.

When newsmen pressed further, emphasising the need to react to allegations of police compromise in the case, the police spokesman promised to get back.

He had yet to do so as of the time of filing this report, as calls placed to his line were not answered, while text messages were not replied.