Join political parties, group urges Christians

A religious group under the auspices of Nigeria National Christian Coalition have urged Christians to join political parties rather than mortgage the church.



This Day reported that the National Executive Director of Media, NNCC, Dr. Bola Adewara, said this during “The Voice of the Church in the Nation” summit held in Lagos.


The summit had groups converge in one voice to speak concerning the forthcoming electoral process, in order to guarantee the welfare and security of citizens.


Adewara stated that the old assumption that the church should not get involved in politics remained a critical issue for debate in light of the country’s realities.


He said, “A lot of Christians believe that politics is a dirty game, but if politics is truly dirty, Christians should get involved to sanitise and clean it up to serve the good of all. That is the only way Christians can be relevant in governance.”


He charged Christian leaders to encourage their faithful to be actively involved in politics by joining political parties. You cannot change a thing if you are not part of a system. The only way to effectively end the current challenges of bad governance is the readiness of Christians to join political parties, including the ruling party.


Hon. Femi George said if Christians refused to engage in politics, thugs, miscreants would rule the Church.


Admonishing the Church, George enjoined Christians not to mortgage the Church.


“Don’t collect money from them. You can make them accountable and tell them the type of Nigeria you want. They have used the money to divide the Church.


“We can only use celestial solutions to solve the terrestrial problem. The change we desire as a people can be achieved but we need to get it right,” he added.


The group was host to religious leaders from several Christian denominations, government officials, politicians from diverse political affiliations and well-meaning Nigerians who converged to deliberate on ways to move the country forward.

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