Islam allows women to marry daughter’s ex-boyfriend – Hisbah

The Kano State Hisbah Board has cleared the misunderstanding surrounding the marriage of a woman to her daughter’s former suitor in Rano Local Government Area of the state.

Religion Nigeria recalls that the woman, Malama Khadija, allegedly dissolved her marriage and married her daughter’s boyfriend.

The incident took place after the woman’s daughter, Aisha, turned down a suitor. This action caused controversy, and the Hisbah Board established a committee to look into the situation.

The committee that looked into the debate around the marriage turned forth its findings on Tuesday night.

Chairman of the committee and deputy commander in charge of Hisbah Special Operations, Hussain Ahmed, indicated in his report that the committee had determined that the marriage was legitimate and met all the necessary requirements.

He said that Khadija Rano had been divorced by her former husband, observed the three-month waiting time (iddah) mandated by Islam, and then married a guy whom her biological daughter had previously rejected.

Ahmed refuted rumours that Khadijah was meeting her new husband while she was still married and that she incited her husband to leave her so she could marry her daughter’s suitor.

He highlighted that the marriage was permissible under Islam, stating that this was the reason why the Hisbah commander in Rano LGA endorsed and participated in the ceremony.

Commander General of the Hisbah Board, Sheikh Harun Ibn Sina, responded by praising the committee’s efficient performance.

He asserted that the committee members were meticulously chosen owing to their extensive grasp of Islamic doctrine and societal perspective.

Ibn Sina urged the public to refrain from spreading false information and to avoid misunderstandings on Islamic matters.

As Islam is a faith that excludes jurisdiction over marriage, family life, and all other associated human endeavours, he recommended they seek knowledge.