Influencer Andrew Tate in court over alleged extreme Islamic teachings

Influencer Andrew Tate in court over alleged extreme Islamic teachings
Influencer Andrew Tate in court over alleged extreme Islamic teachings

British-American kickboxer turned social media influencer, Andrew Tate, is allegedly indoctrinating Muslim boys and men with sexist speech and spreading a misrepresented interpretation of Islam in order to defend his self-declared sexism and fixation with masculine supremacy.

CNN reported that more Muslims are now closely examining the effects of the internet personality’s unchecked influence on younger members of their community as Romanian authorities look into Tate and his brother, Tristan, for alleged charges of rape and human trafficking in connection with an organized criminal group.

Tate and his brother were questioned by Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, but they later declared their innocence.

The two have been held since their arrest on December 29 and will return to court later this month.

According to Reuters, Andrew Tate was spotted in January entering a court in Bucharest when his request for freedom was rejected while clutching a Quran.

After watching videos of Tate on YouTube in September, Serena, a 25-year-old journalist and marketer from a Muslim household in Britain, told CNN that her two brothers, who are 21 and 23, began repeating his “extremely misogynistic” ideas.

“This made me upset and quite distressed as my brother is my best friend and I felt I was losing him and didn’t recognize him anymore,” she told CNN of her 23-year-old sibling.

“He has turned extremely misogynistic, telling myself and my mum that our duty is to cook and if my mum doesn’t cook one day he calls her lazy,” Serena said via online messages. “I was telling him he was being manipulated and essentially groomed by Andrew Tate, in which he would respond that I don’t have an opinion and I should stop talking.”

Last year, Andrew Tate became an overnight sensation on the internet after raving on TikTok about male domination, feminine obedience, and money, racking up 11.6 billion views. He was one of the most Googled individuals in 2022 due to his reputation for scandals, and his name was the top result under the “who is” category.

Commentators claim that he is influencing young people in societies all around the world. His impact on adolescent boys of all backgrounds has caused concern in schools and parliamentary discussion in the UK.

A Meta representative told Reuters that the influencer was expelled from Facebook and Instagram in August for breaking its rules, which forbid “gender-based hate, any threats of sexual violence, or threats to post non-consensual intimate pictures.”

In accordance with its prohibition on “sexually exploitative content,” TikTok also blocked Tate, the firm said in a statement to Reuters.

After seizing control of the company in November, Elon Musk restored Tate’s long-dormant Twitter account.

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