How Jesus led me to acting — Sharon Ooja

Sharon Ooja

Actress, Sharon Ooja, says she never intended to become an actress but her relationship with Jesus Christ led her to the make-believe world.

In an interview, she said, “Honestly speaking, it is the Lord Jesus (Christ) (that led me to acting) because I never planned to become an actress. I have said this several times. I did not even know I was going to become an actor. But we thank God, I am here and ‘killing’ it.”

The actress also maintained that she does not thrive on controversies. She said, “I am simply here (Nollywood) for work. I am not one of those people who thrive on controversies.

“I believe whenever I’m in the news, it should be for my work; no disrespect to anyone who has controversies. It is not my thing, and if, God forbid, any controversy was to come up, I am 100 per cent sure I will not be the one to orchestrate it.”

On other things she can do aside from acting, Ooja said, “I could be a model. I can also host shows; I think every actor can be presenters. I can dance and sing as well.”

The actress, who starred in the movie, Perfect Arrangement, also said she looked forward to playing the role of a musician, where she would have to do choreography for months.

She said, “I definitely want to play the role of a musician, where I would sing, dance and have to do choreography for months, and put in a lot of effort.”

On what she does when she is not working, Ooja said, “I sleep, eat, and eat more.”