How cleric foretold Asbury revival 2021

How cleric foretold Asbury revival 2021


Video clips making rounds on the internet has showed moment when a cleric, identified as Don Coleman, foretold the Asbury revival.

The University located in Kentucky, United States of America,has been in the news over the last two weeks after a week day church service turned into a full fledged revival.

The event which started on the 8th of February, 2023, is in its day 13 as the worshippers have shown no sign of stopping.

It was gathered that the varsity’s management cancelled classes last week, while also opening up another chapel to accommodate the growing numbers of people who came to join worshippers at the varsity.

In the viral clip, a cleric was seen praying for the new leadership of the fellowship, whose identity at the time of filing this report is yet to be ascertained.

While praying for them, he also told them to prepare for a massive revival which would soon be starting in the varsity.

In the video dated October 9, 2021, the cleric while ordaining the new varsity’s fellowship leadership said, ” The word of the Lord continues and said, you too go and set that varsity free.

“Don’t stop until all souls are saved. Lay hands on the sick, in the coming weeks, God will use you to start a revival there”.

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