How blind Kenyan prophet raped two sisters ‘to cure barrenness ‘

How blind Kenyan prophet raped two sisters ‘to cure barrenness’

By Christian George

A 66 years old blind, self-proclaimed prophet in Kenya, Jacob Wekesa has been accused of raping two sisters with the notion of curing barrenness.

The ugly incident was trailed to New Year’s Day when he visited the home of one of his followers, Ms Sarah Atieno, in Njoro sub-county to offer prayers.

According to a report by Nation, the woman, who lived with her two adult daughters, welcomed him and agreed to host him for some time.

It was during his stay at the house that he allegedly committed sexual offences against the two women on January 5, 2023.

The Legion of Mary follower, who claims to be able to diagnose women’s reproductive health problems with his spiritual eyes, is now facing sexual offences charges in a Nakuru court.

He denied the allegation of raping he two sisters but the court found him guilty because he intentionally had sexual intercourse with the two women against their will at Golf Estate in Njoro.

One of the victims, while testifying before the court, said the man, who was brought to the home by her mother, claimed to be a prophet of the Legion of Mary who was blind.

She explained that the blind prophet called her once to his room and told her that he could see through his spiritual eyes that she had a problem.

She said the prophet told her that she was barren and he had the power to cure her and she was trapped because she had a swelling on her waist, which she thought could be the cause of the said infertility.

She continued that before she knew it, the prophet started touching her inappropriately which led to intercourse.

“It was about 11 pm when he told me to turn off the light, take off my clothes and jump on the bed so that he could massage the swelling on my waist while reminding me that I might not be able to have a child,” the victim explained, adding that after the incident, the prophet asked her to dress up and go out, warning her not to tell anybody as he has been doing that to others.

She said she left only to see her sister crying and on inquiry, it was revealed that the prophet had done the same thing to her.

The duo were rushed to hospital, where doctors confirmed they had been sexually assaulted before giving them medication.

However, the prophet denied the allegation, stating that “It was not possible for me to commit the offence because the women used to leave in the morning and return late at night,”

Meanwhile, resident Magistrate Edward Oboge has set June 6 as the date for sentencing.

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