Fans react as Liverpool forward, Roberto Firmino preaches in church

Roberto Firmino
Roberto Firmino preaching at a local gathering



Football fans across the world were left stunned after images of Liverpool forward, Roberto Firmino, was seen online preaching in Church.

Considering the flamboyant lifestyle of most footballers, the Brazilian winger shocked many after it was discovered that he was a baptized Christian.

Recent images shared through his Instagram page showed moment where he was preaching the gospel at a local gathering.

Roberto Firmino preaching at a local gathering

“It is impossible to encounter God and remain the same,” he posted.

It was also gathered that Firmino, was baptized by his Liverpool teammates, Allison Becker.

Roberto Firmino been baptized by Allison Becker


Another Photo of Roberto Firmino preaching

Below are some reactions culled from Twitter.

@Prophetlanny, tweeted, “So, I heard Roberto Firmino preached the gospel. Don’t let anyone lie to you that you have to lose yourself to be famous and rich. Roberto Firmino came to God when he was already playing for Liverpool. Now, he is preaching the gospel in his fame and money!”., tweeted, “Sharing the pitch and the pulpit.

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino has taken his faith a notch higher by taking to the pulpit and preaching the gospel.

He was baptised three years ago with the help of teammate Alisson Becker._

@OniofAbuja, tweeted, “Alisson Becker, a man of strong Faith in Jesus actually preached to and converted Roberto Firmino, Firmino also converted his Sister Roberta and Alisson baptised both them.

@Nwikediho, tweeted, “Never judge a person by their physical appearances. They might be saints disguised a villain. Roberto Firmino has lots of tattoos, but his faith is without one.”

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