False prophets: Oshoffa threatens Soyombo after undercover report

Fake prophets: You can't scatter Ketu parish, Oshoffa tells Soyombo

A senior cleric, Venerable Superior Evangelist, Tosho Oshoffa has reportedly issued threats against Foundation of Investigative Journalism founder, Fisayo Soyombo, over his investigation of the church.

Soyombo on Monday released a video documentary which provided evidence of certain corrupt practices in the church.

Scenes from the video showed some clerics of the church giving false prophecies in exchange for money.

In the latest development, Soyombo disclosed that the head of the international headquarters of the Celestial Church of God, Oshoffa, told him that there will be no forgiveness for him as there would be consequences for his action.

Oshoffa who spoke via a live Facebook session on Tuesday defended the cleric exposed in the video, adding that the Journalist tagged the clerics fake because of the type of mind they came to the church with.

“As you may be aware, you will observe that Ketu’s name is trending on social media about scammer or no scammer.

“As you know, each person knows their intention of coming to church. People seek prophets out for direction. It is what is in your mind that you bring to church and declare on the altar, it is compulsory for the prophet to see the same thing… because it is God’s spirit that’s talking.” he stated.

According to him, the CCC is not an occult group and the church detests fraudulent activities.

“That man that spoke, as you have come, you may be an investigative journalist or anything you may be. But the Celestial Church of Christ is a very open church. We are not an occultic or secret group. And, believe me, anything that has to do with scamming or scammer, I, Ayo Olatosho, detest it.”

He also stated that nobody forced the journalist to come to the Ketu Church but they simply did because they had other motives. Oshoffa also revealed that there is no forgiveness against such because it is a lie against the Holy Spirit.

“The prophet that prophesied may be a futurist. It is the prophet who saw it. And the person that wrote this story to the public, nobody forced him to come to Cele, much less Ketu. He walked in freely for his own purpose. That means before he came, he came with a mission, and the mission he came with was maybe to destroy the image of the church, which is quite very unfortunate, because anyone who lies against the Holy Spirit, believe me, the holy book says there is no forgiveness.

“Believe me, wherever you are, start asking for forgiveness of sins. Wherever you are, whatever your name may be, start asking for forgiveness of sin, because you only left your home with the hope of destroying the image of the church; not for anything else. Nobody does it and goes scot-free.

“The Holy Spirit that you lied against, the Holy Book says there is no forgiveness. The Holy Spirit that will judge is alive; and will judge at the appropriate time,” he stated.

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