Fake clerics: Investigation reveals how MFM conducts deliverance sessions

Fake clerics: Investigation reveals how MFM conducts deliverance sessions

An investigation conducted by the Foundation of Investigative Journalism’s founder, Fisayo Soyombo, has revealed how the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries conducts their deliverance sessions.

Fisayo in his recent investigative series has so far uncovered several religious bodies that demand cash for fake spiritual deliverance and prophecies.

Religion Nigeria reported how he went under the guise of a gay man to a Celestial Church of Christ church in Ketu Lagos where he was financially extorted and was also given fake prophecies.

In his latest investigation, he (Fisayo) following the same pattern as his previous trips, visited the MFM, Lagos State on January 6, 2022.

As narrated by him, he was only told to join some of the church’s deliverance sessions where he was made to pray.

“By pastor’s explanations, deliverance sessions at MFM hold over two cycles per week and once a month. Per week, they hold Mondays to Thursdays and only one Sunday per month. Those who want to run both cycles within the week are allowed to, and they can even extend it for as long as they wish.

“Pastor leads my brother and me to Samuel Block, where we purchase the items we will need for the service: two bottles of anointing oil (N1,600), two bottles of water (N200) and two rolls of tissue paper (N200) and a Bible. From the range of Bible options presented to us, I specifically pick the ‘Dr. D. K. Olukoya Prayer and Deliverance Bible’, the ‘authorized King James Version’. Of note, if I came with all these items myself, I would not have been required to buy any.”

He also stated that after the prayer session, the congregants were only required to pay offerings voluntarily after which everyone left for their respective destinations.

“Bring out your offering; bring it out. Send your offering on an errand; tell that offering what you want it to do in your life,” she says as she leads the offering prayers before taking the announcement and “sharing the grace”, followed by 21 hallelujahs from the congregation.

“The crowd disperses, scheduled to return much later in the evening for a vigil that would mirror the day’s proceedings. My guide and I depart wondering if other churches would follow the same pattern of fasting and prayers and casting and binding. Little did we know that at the very next church, we would be bombarded with multiple fake prophecies.” He said.