Church Of England votes on same-sex marriage adoption

Church of England votes on Same sex marriage


By Christian George

The Church of England National Assembly general synod will today engage on a vote to ascertain if the fold should conduct blessing prayers for same-sex couples in civil marriages.

Same sex marriage was legalized about a decade ago in England and Wales but the church authority does not allow its ministers to marry same-sex couples.

According to Evening Standard, members of the LGBTQ+ community are calling on the church to change its stance. The Government is reportedly considering its options to give the church a push.

The law prevents England ministers from blessing same sex marriages whereas it has been legalized in the community.

However, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Church of Scotland both allow same-sex weddings, while Anglican Church in Wales does not allow same sex weddings in church but does provide an authorised service of blessing.

The proposal for England church to support the bid for same gender union was issued nearly half a decade ago and on February 8, the General Synod will debate on the Church of England’s proposal not to allow priests to marry same-sex couples.

From the look of things, church will not change its stance to allow same-sex marriage. Instead, it will offer prayers of dedication, thanksgiving for God’s blessing to same-sex couples following a civil marriage, Evening Standard added.

The church is facing series of push on this course, even Chris Bryant, a former Anglican priest, said the church’s position was causing very real pain and trauma, adding that if the church won’t act, then parliament should give it a push.

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