Blasphemy: Muslim groups demand justice for Deborah Yakubu

Muslim groups under the aegis of Muslims United for Peace and Justice have called for justice over the death of Deborah Samuel who was horrendously murdered for alleged blasphemy.

The groups – all 13 of them- have unanimously urged the State and Federal government to enact and enforce laws criminalizing blasphemy and killing outside the ambits of the law.

In a press conference in Lagos, Professor Lakin Akintola, the Executive Director of Muslim Rights Concern with other Muslim leaders, demanded justice against the murderers regardless of the premise of their gruesome action.

He opined that the event though unfortunate could be used to change the tide of Muslim-Christian relations and usher in a new beginning of peace and harmony.

He further stated that these ideals are not farfetched but achievable if each party adopts and practices the tenets of their faith.

DailyPost quoted Akintola as saying, “We express strong solidarity with voices of reason and moderation amongst scholars of Islam and declare readiness to continue working together to strengthen the pillars of national peace, reconciliation and understanding”.

He appealed to all heads of various religious faiths to keep on sensitizing adherents on the importance of mutual respect and to shun all forms of hatred and extremism.

He further employed all Christians to deploy all means in rebutting such acts of intolerance.

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