Apostle Osayi recounts encounter with Satan

The Founder and President of the Remnant Christian Network, Apostle Arome Osayi, has narrated his encounter with the Satan in the United Kingdom.

The clergyman in a post through his Facebook page on Saturday stated that he had a one-on-one confrontation with the Satan, after he appeared to him.

“Recently, while on one of my missions trips in the United Kingdom, Satan appeared to me – for the first time in my life. His visage was neither grotesque nor Stygian. He was not looking like a gargoyle. He radiated with extraterrestrial beauty. He said he needed my help to help complete a project he was setting up in the UK. I seethed with rage, he remained unbelievably calm. I asked if he was not aware that part of my assignment on earth is to destroy his projects across the nations. With a smirk, he told me that that was why he had come to see me – to talk about it, to negotiate and come to some understanding with me.

“He showed me gold, lots of it, more than enough to spend in one life time. He showed me what seemed like a wad of ATM cards (in their thousands), he said they were access cards of influence to all the nooks and corners of all the nations on earth. And finally he showed me another curious crystal ballesque object that looked like the moon, he did not tell me what its purpose was.

“By the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ I told Satan my soul was not for sale!

“This drove me to the Scriptures and I began to study how and why the devil would always try to negotiate God’s servants out of destiny: He negotiated with Abraham through the king of Sodom; he negotiated with Moses through Pharaoh and negotiated with Jesus directly etc . The objective of Satan’s negotiations is singular: the damnation of the souls of men and women!

“Let’s not forget that spirits are not under the limitations posed by space and time. They do not get tired, hungry, sick or sleepy – so they have all of the time to focus on an objective across centuries – spanning through lifetimes. They do not give up on a soul until it is actually over. The devil is a spirit. He did not give up on Jesus until it was actually over on the cross when Jesus declared IT IS FINISHED!

“The Christian faith is a race – both marathon and relay. This means it lasts a whole lifetime and continues from one generation to another until the soon coming King returns. You and I cannot therefore afford to faint. Everything depends on continuing daily with the Lord. The Lord has promised to be with us to the very close of the age (Matthew 28:20). We are not helpless. We are not alone!

“When iniquity reaches pandemic proportions as is characteristic of these perilous times and the love of God in people’s hearts grows cold (Matthew 24:12), grace much more abounds! (Romans 5:20)

“Therefore take heed for your soul. Satan would not stop coming to negotiate you into compromise and out of destiny! The good news is, the economy of the grace of God forever trumps the slimy wiles of the devil – maximise it daily!” He stated.