Anglican priest who quit over polygamy returns to church


An Anglican priest in Nnewi Diocese, Anambra State, Rev. Ogbuchukwu Lotanna, has revealed that he would be returning to church after his earlier decision to quit.

It would be recalled that the Lotanna had left the Church three months ago, claiming that he received a divine mandate to encourage polygamy.

He asserted that he had a vision to lower the number of sexual transgressions.

In a latest development, the cleric has been recalled on December 24 following an apology.

In a letter titled “To all beloved in Christ and all it may concern: Rescinding from my pro-polygamy movement,” Lotanna pledged full attention to all God had called him to do.

He pleaded with the more than 200 people who expressed interest in attending his planned new church to forget his earlier criticism of the movement.

He pledged not to say or do anything that would contradict the moral teachings of his church.

The letter reads: “I wish to inform the general body of Christ and the general public that I have submitted a letter of apology to my Lord Bishop for resigning from being a member of the body of Clergy Association of Diocese of Nnewi (Anglican Communion).

“What led to my action was my misinterpretation of the revelations I received on a divine movement for sexual purity.

“I have since pledged to give full and undivided attention to all that God has called me to do as a priest in obedience to the instituted authority of the church.

“I have understood that for any program(s) to achieve sexual purity, it must of necessity be that which should build the Church of Christ and should be accepted by her. And I can not be numbered among those fighting the church.

“Hence, I, Rev. Ogbuchukwu Makuo Lotanna (Esq), hereby withdraw my humble self from the propagation of the polygamy movement.

“I have backed off. I am fully back to my church and I have promised not to speak or work against the sound and godly doctrines of my Church.

“I have also withdrawn and deleted all the videos and messages I have preached or posted on the subject from all my social media handles and have closed all the channels.

“There are other programs for sexual purity the church will appreciate and be at home with, which will also help to build the society at large. I will henceforth be preoccupied with such programs to showcase my genuine intentions.

“I thank those who have handled my case with love, prayers and maturity, and apologise to those who may have been disappointed in me, deceived or offended by my action.

“I remain your brother and it is my desire that we all continue in the path of holiness and remain ‘rapturable’ in Christ.” He stated.