Alleged kidnapping: Ondo church not our member, says CAN

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The Christian Association of Nigeria has dissociated itself from an Ondo church involved in harbouring its members, including 40 children, and brainwashing them to believe an impending rapture of the Christians.

Religion Nigeria had reported that the Whole Bible Believers Church in Ondo State was discovered to have camped its members in an underground facility within the church premises making them believe that there was a fast-approaching coming of Jesus Christ.

CAN, in a statement signed by Adebayo Oladeji, Special Assistant to CAN President, Samson Ayokunle, however, said it does not recognise the church as its member.

The statement read, “According to reports, one Josiah Peter Asumosa, an assistant Pastor in a church located in Ondo West Local government area of Ondo State was lying to the uninformed members that Rapture would take place in April but later said it had been changed to September 2022 and told the young members to obey only their parents in the Lord.

“Though, the Pastor in question and his church, the Whole Bible Believers Church in Ondo are not members of the Christian Association of Nigeria at all levels and so, he is not known to us, but the fact that the church claims to be a Christian church necessitates that we state our position on his practice.

“No true Pastor would claim to know the date of the rapture because the Bible has stated it clearly that it is only God who knows the date. Whoever claims to know the date is not only misleading the public but cannot claim to be a genuine Servant of God. He is at best, an agent of Satan pretending to be a Pastor.

“CAN, therefore, commends the Police for their prompt actions which included rescuing over 70 victims from the Church premises. They should further be subjected to medical check-ups since nobody knows what they were going through where they were camped.

“We hereby urge all denominations to keep an eye on the pastors under them towards ensuring wholesome biblical conduct. Members of the churches all over the nation are enjoined to cross-check every teaching from the Bible before believing it.”

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