Alaafin: Contenders to begin applications submission after eight days

54 out, 10 left in Alaafin's stool race
Alaafin of Oyo

Princes from Agunloye Ruling House, which was said to be the next to produce the Alaafin of Oyo, interested in succeeding Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, who died on Friday, could begin to submit their applications after eight days.

The Baba Iyaji of Oyo, Mukaila Afonja, who is also the Head of Princes in the town, disclosed this to journalists at the palace on Monday.

He explained that although interested princes from the next ruling house were expected to submit their applications to him, he had yet to receive such letter.

He added that he believed applicants interested in ascending the throne would start bringing their letters after the eight days of the passage of the monarch.

He said, “The moves to succeed Oba Adeyemi would have begun as we are talking now but nobody has submitted an application to me.

“I am the head of the Omooba (princes) and as we are talking, there would have been moves but nobody has submitted any application to me.

“The process is that all the princes from the next ruling house who are interested in becoming the Alaafin will submit their applications to me.

“After screening them, I will now invite the Oyo Mesi and, for example, if the applicants remain like two or more, the Ifa oracle will be consulted to know who among them should be chosen.”

He said wealth or status alone would not be used as criteria for choosing the next Alaafin because there would be negative consequences if the right person was not chosen.

He assured the people of the town that they would be guided by the fear of God and their love for Oyo town in choosing the best to ascend the throne.

The Bashorun of Oyo, Chief Yusuf Ayoola; the Ibasaamu of Oyo, Chief Lamidi Oyewale, and other members of the Oyo Mesi continued to receive visitors visiting the palace to condole with the chiefs over the death of Oba Adeyemi.

Meanwhile, the oldest man in the palace, Pa Morenikeji Lasisi, has described Oba Adeyemi as the best among the three Oyo monarchs who he had served.

He said this at the palace on Monday in an interview with journalists.

It was, however, difficult to ascertain the true age of Pa Lasisi.

Lasisi said, “I cut the grass in the palace. The late king usually sends me on errands.

“I used to go to the abattoir everyday to get meat for Iku Baba Yeye- my late boss. I used to go in the morning. I have served three kings now. I got to the palace during the time of Oba Adeyemi Adeniran, the father of the late Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi.

“I also served Bello Gbadegesin Oladigbolu and Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi who died on Friday. I was always happy whenever I was with the Alaafin. He was rich and he had the resources to cater for the people. There was always enjoyment in the palace during his reign.

“We were always enjoying ourselves. I will miss all the merriment, I will miss him. He was the best among all the Alaafin who I served. As I am here now, if anyone tries to take me abroad, after telling my people, I will go. But I will surely return to my base here in Oyo.”

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