Akwa Ibom cleric slams opposition over attack on gov Eno

Akwa Ibom cleric slams opposition over attack on gov Eno

A member of the Fathers in Faith, Akwa Ibom State, Rev. Richards Peters, has slammed the opposition party over attack on the Governor of the State, Pastor Umo Eno, saying it was a plot to distract him from governance.

Rev. Peters made this condemnation while speaking to newsmen in Uyo on Saturday, noting that these perpetrators are motivated by their own selfish ambitions to dent the image of the Governor.

This was coming in response to a recent media campaign against Governor Umo Eno, which started just one week after his inauguration as the state governor.

He said, “We are worried about the level of blackmail and backbiting coming from youths allegedly working for Senator Bassey Albert, popularly called OBA, who is contesting the outcome of the last governorship election in the state.”

“While it is his right to contest the election outcome as stipulated in the constitution, it is increasingly worrisome to see that he is on a futile mission at the Tribunal with the same old story of Pastor Umo Eno allegedly parading a fake WAEC result.

“This fairy tale has been settled by the Federal High Court, Court of Appeal, and ultimately rested by the Supreme Court before the last election.

“At the beginning, they were telling us that they won the last election in the field and would prove it in court. However, they have now returned to the same old story of the alleged fake WAEC result and expulsion from the University of Uyo. This appears to be a pursuit of pedestrian interests and a complete distraction of the new government,” Rev. Peters added.

The advocate for good governance expressed concern that while the people of Akwa Ibom, both in rural and urban areas, are calling for the implementation of Governor Umo Eno’s ARISE Agenda to alleviate the current economic challenges, paid agents of certain politicians are working tirelessly to sabotage the smooth functioning of the state.

Rev. Peters, however, urged the governor not to be distracted as the people who voted for him will be waiting to see his achievements at the end of his tenure, rather than the number of unnecessary attacks he responded to.

“I know Governor Umo Eno will hardly respond to their gibberish. He never did during the height of their onslaught before the election, and he may never do so as the governor. He is a very focused person and will not allow such distractions to derail his administration,” he stated.

While noting that those currently spreading falsehoods to tarnish the governor’s reputation in the name of politics may have devised a plan to provoke him into reacting, Rev. Peters said, “Their plan is to make it appear that he is a tyrant using government power against helpless citizens to turn public opinion against him. They should be aware that some of their vituperations are libellous and actionable, and those involved should retreat before it’s too late.”