A’Ibom cleric advises Christians against expensive burial

A’Ibom cleric advises Christians against expensive burial

The founder of the Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Akwa Ibom State, Apostle John Okoriko has advised Christians not to lavish money on burial noting that the dead when put in the grave will finally decay.

According to Vanguard, Apostle Okoriko, gave this advice during his monthly Sunday interactive service with worshippers at the Headstone Tabernacle, branch of the church in Uyo , the state capital with the theme: “When a Man dies shall he live again?”

The cleric expressed worries over huge resources Christians waste to bury the dead, buying very expensive caskets, when the dead body would eventually decay.

He then appreciated Muslim worshippers for their beliefs about the dead, noting that they don’t spend money and time to bury their dead, saying they are doing the right thing.

The cleric said, “We Christians spend so much time, energy and money to bury the dead. That body will decay; that is why if you dig a grave you will see only skull, and bones.

“What we the Christians are doing is a sign of ignorance, it is not right, because the minute somebody dies the spirit is already in the presence of God. Expensive burial is madness of the highest order.

“And I will continue to appreciate and commend the Muslims for doing the right thing, for treating the dead the way God want.

“When a believer dies the spirit must return immediately to Him (God); you are no more here on Earth. So as far as you are a believer in Christ Jesus you don’t have to fear death”

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