2023: Tweeps fume over Paul Adefarasin’s Saul, David parable

2023: Tweeps fume over Paul Adefarasin's Saul, David parable
2023: Tweeps fume over Paul Adefarasin's Saul, David parable

A recent parable shared by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, founder of House on the Rock Church, has stirred up reactions on Twitter.

The parable, which many interpreted to mean an indirect endorsement of the All Progressive Congress’ Candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been been largely criticized by netizens.

In the parable, Pastor Adefarasin, taking a cue from the Bible, said “Saul came before David. David did not come before Saul. Saul will come and David will come after.

“Saul was not all that bad, He didn’t start out bad. He actually started as a Prophet and he did a lot good because he had half a heart but David had a whole heart and that is why it is necessary that David come after.

“So, bear in mind that Saul will come and David will come after.”

Many Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their reactions to the parable.

Some have commended Pastor Adefarasin for his wisdom and insight, while many others have criticized the parable, arguing that it suggests a continuation of Nigeria’s problem of bad leadership for another eight years.

One Twitter user, @Nkemchor, wrote, “There are two Pastor Pauls. While one Pastor Paul speaks in Parables the other Pastor Paul comes out with his full chest.
“They can preach full sermons on why members should pay tithes and offerings but cannot make their stance known on issues that affect Lives such as Elections.”

Another user, BarryofChels, tweeted, “One take away in this Pastor Paul’s so called parable is that he acknowledges that Peter OBI is the DAVID while BAT is the Saul. But unfortunately he still wishes Saul on the masses. So disappointing. #VoteLP”

@AgbakuKingsley also tweeted; “Any Saul that is SAUL-“er” than Buhari is meanth to kill Us. We won’t let anyone deceive Us. I respect Pastor Paul and I always will but on this One, No Sir. It’s David’s Time. David is here. Vote Peter Obi for President.”

Writer, @Omojuwa, wrote; “My heart goes to Pastor Paul Adefarasin. No one deserves to be attacked for choosing to be non-partisan, especially having cited reasons for doing so. The headless mob often craves a daily target and they picked on him this time. As their regular customer, I know he’d be fine.”

@ComradeISIBOR added to the trend by saying; “Dear pastor Paul
@pauladefarasin, as a church member, I love ur teachings. But Trust me, MY VOTE AND my entire family is voting for PETER OBI and we would win by God’s grace. God is not an author of confusion. We are building a new NIGERIA.”

Meanwhile, he also urged his congregation to pray for a smooth transition of power in the country and that there will be no bloodshed.

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