Wike warns Rivers monarchs against partisan politics

Wike warns Rivers monarchs against partisan politics

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom, has warned traditional rulers against partisan politics, urging them to be fathers to all their subjects, irrespective of political affiliation.

According to Vanguard, Wike made this warning during the presentation of instruments of office to 33 government-recognised traditional rulers at Government House, Port Harcourt on Tuesday.

The Governor called on Rivers monarchs to ensure no child was out of school in their domains.

He also vowed to dethrone traditional rulers whose domains promote cultism, violence and other criminal activities in the state.

The government recognition involved four third class, 27 second class and two first class stools.

Wike said, “Today, I confirm that you have all met and satisfied all the conditions precedent to be recognised or elevated by the Rivers State Government as traditional rulers with the residuary authority of the government to superintend over your respective domains.

“Your first responsibility is maintenance of peace and security. Peace is priceless, safety is paramount. Investors or tourists will only come to places considered safe and secure.

“Progress can only take place in a stable environment. I advise, therefore, that you work with the local government chairmen and the security agencies to maintain peace and security in your communities.

“Let me warn you that the government will not hesitate to dethrone any traditional ruler that allows, tolerates or enables cult and criminal activities to take root in his domain.

“You should ensure no child is out of school in your communities, as education is vital to our children’s progress. Work with government health officers to ensure your community’s health centres are functional.

“We expect you to use your influence to advance and attract development to your communities. We have more than enough land to cultivate and feed our people.

“Encourage your subjects and the youths to be economically productive. Let your reign be remembered for the significant socio-economic improvements recorded in your communities.

“Furthermore, I urge you to stay away from partisan politics and be the father of all your subjects, irrespective of the political parties they belong to. Otherwise, you will attract disrespect to your throne and lose your people’s universal respect.”