Why married men must be responsible – Catholic group leader

Why married men must be responsible — Catholic group leader

The President of Catholic Men Organisation at the Church of the Annunciation Catholic Church, Kubwa, Abuja, Engr Ikechukwu Onyeachonam has given an insight into why married men must be responsible fathers, saying that being responsible means you are going to remould your children’s trait and personality and also provide for their needs.

While speaking with journalists after Mass to mark this year’s Father’s Day Celebration, Engr Onyeachonam, said men regretted that they are not celebrated in the society despite their contributions in building the family and society.

He noted that this year’s Father’s Day celebration is very important to fathers in the society as they will find themselves worthy of being celebrated.

“Today’s celebration is so important in our lives as fathers. In our society, fathers have really suffered; we have shouldered many responsibilities in our families and societies, so we found it worthy to celebrate ourselves today because if we keep waiting for the society and families to celebrate us, it may not really come.

“So, every 7th May in Abuja Archdioceses, the Catholic Men Organisation celebrates fathers, so we as a church are celebrating ourselves today. Today’s Men’s day celebration, we are raising funds to complete our church building”, he said.

The CMO President, who reasoned that men struggle to make ends meet said “I encourage fathers are passing through challenges to continue keeping on, that with God by their side and St Joseph our patron saint, by praying and presenting their problems to God, that the good lord will honour them if not today, then tomorrow so that they will bounce back and over their responsibilities in their families and society.

The Chairman of the 2023 Father’s Day celebration at Church of the Annunciation Catholic Church, Kubwa, Mr Francis Bobai, said this year’s Father’s Day reminds the fathers their responsibility to be the leader and defender of the home.

“The theme of this year’s Father’s Day Celebration is ‘Effective Management for Organisational Achievement’, we look at homes that are not up and doing and we call on the fathers to be responsible.

“Being responsible means that you are going to be the peace of the home, you are going to be the provider, you are going to be the defender, you are going to reshape your children’s traits and personalities, you are father of destinies so you have to lead by example because children lead be imitation.

“So, in this celebration, we call on all the fathers to be very responsible and to be efficient in providing the needs of their homes”, Bobai added.