US cleric tasks church leaders on church history preservation

US cleric tasks church leaders on church history preservation

The presiding pastor of the Glory of God Cherubim and Seraphim Church, United States, Samuel Ogunyooye has called on Church leaders to project the history of their religious sect through documentary film production.

According to the PUNCH, Ogunyooye, a documentary maker made the call in a statement on Friday, noting such a project would lay bare facts about the origin of the religious bodies.

He said, “The essence of a documentary is to educate and raise awareness. While some Christian denominations have existing platforms for documenting their history, converting it into a film documentary is also very important.

“We have had Christian leaders that have contributed immensely to the body of Christ and the society at large, but little or no information could be found about them after they pass away. It becomes more painful when this information is being manipulated by people with sinister motives.

“We have also seen some Christian assemblies battling with the crisis of identity because there is no proper documentation traceable to their origin. This is why the choice of visuals through film documentary is more imperative as it serves as a way preserving the history of such Christian Assembly and also a way of setting the records straight and preventing distortion of facts.”

Ogunyooye produced a documentary film titled, “Anathema- The White Garment Experience” in November 2022.

He explained that a talk show to consolidate the documentary project and with the theme, “The Unity of The Church” is slated to hold on Saturday, June 9, 2023.