There’s life after elections, CAN tells religious leaders

Christian Association of Nigeria logo

The Christian Association of Nigeria has advised its religious leaders to be mindful of their dealings and utterances ahead of the 2023 general elections.

According to Daily Post, this was disclosed through a press statement by the president of the association, Archbishop Daniel C. Okoh, in his new year message.

The Christian organization also pointed out that another factor contributing to the nation’s high level of tension was the economy, which has been steadily declining.

The apex Christian organization expressed gratitude to God for guiding the populace through the perils and hazards of the year 2022 by holding their hands.

The outgone year 2022 was one too many as a result of the seeming unabated climate of fear and uncertainty not just in Nigeria,” the statement said.

Okoh pleaded with the nation’s security agencies to assist the holding of peaceful general elections in 2023 and urged them not to give up on their efforts to preserve the safety and security of the nation.

“Our politicians should realise that we don’t have any other country but Nigeria. Consequently, this reality should inspire them to be more responsible in playing politics with the best interest of the masses at heart.

“In the same vein, religious leaders should know that there is life after the general elections of 2023,” he added.