Seek divine knowledge to avoid failure, Guru Maharaji urges politicians

The founder of One Love Family, Sat-Guru Maharaj-Ji, has urged Nigerian political leaders to come for divine knowledge if they want to succeed where those before them failed.

He made this known on Wednesday while addressing newsmen on the state of the nation at the Sat Guru Maharaj-Ji Village, Iju Ishaga, Ifako Local Government Area of Lagos State.

According to Vanguard, Maharaj-Ji also encouraged Nigerians to eschew differential politics and abstain from exacerbating acrimonious tendencies among the various ethnic nationalities.

He said, “those aspiring to become leaders in the new world order, need to come for divine knowledge if they are desirous to make history where those before them failed, else they should forget it.”

On division, Maharaj-Ji advised, “our divisive fault lines should serve as a galvanizing watershed in our resolute drive to build a strong virile, egalitarian role-model nation in readiness to receive and welcome the human race back home, in the impending exodus that is about to begin the part of the leaders across the social-political, economic, cultural and religious divide.”

He continued, “We have all it takes to make a great, prosperous, technologically advanced nation; still, we are reputed for backwardness.

“We are endowed with abundant and precious human resources, yet we are short of adequate personnel because many egg-heads have been forced to migrate due to socio-economic and socio-political situations. Instead of tapping the services and expertise of those specialists, our society frustrates them, and they thereby become a blessing and asset to foreign lands.

“Not that alone, our country is endowed with inestimable textile resources and still, about ninety-five per cent of the populace lives far below the poverty line. Hunger is written boldly on the faces of the people because there is no employment while many employees are retrenched on daily basis. Most social amenities have been commercialized and privatized to the detriment and hardship of the commoners. The sanity, order, and human sanctity that characterized many developed nations are foreign to our vocabulary.”