Religious groups urge NLC, TUC to discard planned strike

Religious groups urge NLC, TUC to discard planned strike

A group under the aegis of Muslim League of Nigeria and Forum of Nigerian Christian Leaders have called on Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress to discard the planned nationwide strike action scheduled to commence on Wednesday in protest of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inaugural speech on removal of fuel subsidy.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Muslim League of Nigeria, Sheikh Musa El Yakoob and Mallam Mustapha Harris, stating they can We can’t pretend all is well, when they see impending tension and crisis capable of destroying the existing peace looming.

The group called on Nigerians, especially the workers across the 36 states of the country to consider the long term benefits of removing the fuel subsidy above the demerits.

The Muslim group stressed that the payment of over 12 Trillion Naira on Subsidy to few cabals under guise of subsidy over the past 4 years is not only ridiculous, but insensitive to economic realities.

“As a group of religious leaders, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure we always pray for progress and development of our country as well as messages of peace and unity to our adherents.”The group stated .

“We are not unaware that Nigerians continue to writhe in agony over sudden hike in the pump price of petrol and soaring cost of good and services due to the removal of fuel subsidy.”

Also, Forum of Nigerian Christian Leaders urged labour leaders to think about the adverse effect the nationwide strike will have on poor masses.

In the statement jointly signed by the Chairman, Pastor James Adeleke; Vice Chairman ,Pastor Moses Onuoha, Secretary ,Pastor Eziekel Kanyip and Asst. Secretary ,Pastor Garba Dickson, the Christian group urged President Tinubu to convey an enlarged stakeholders meeting with markers; entrepreneurs, labour unions and other pressure groups to discuss and reach amicable resolutions on the matter.”

“We reliably gathered that the NLC insisted on the announced plans to down tools from Wednesday, if the pump price is not reversed, but are appealing to the unions to consider exhausting all tools of lobbying and negotiation to avoid subsequent hardship the strike action will cost the country.

“While we appeal to President Tinubu to remain focused and committed to his campaign promises ,we are calling on him to see the labour unions more as partners than enemies”.