Ramadan: Giving to charity attracts Allah’s mercy, Abuja Imam tells Muslims

Ramadan: Giving to charity attracts Allah's mercy, Abuja Imam tells Muslims



By Christian George

During the holy month, Muslims have been urged to give charity with the view to reaping bounties from Allah.

The call was made by the Chief Imam of Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society of Nigeria Mosque, Utako Abuja, Sharafudeen Abdulsalam Aliagan while speaking as the guest lecturer at the Ramadan lecture organised by NASFAT, Kaduna zone.

In a report by Daily Post, he stressed that Muslims should spend their wealth on charity, hajj, lesser hajj, one’s parents and children, widows, orphans and the needy to please Allah.

He noted that spending in the course of Allah would attract reward and bring succour to individuals and society in general.

In his words, “The Qur’an says, whoever gives in the name of Allah, his wealth will be multiplied 10 times, so Muslims please give out charity to reap the bounties of Allah.”

He enjoined Muslims to inculcate the habit of taking care of the poor and vulnerable in society.

“It is a major act of worship that attracts the mercy of Allah, and because of that, Allah will continue to protect you from all forms of evil,” he added.