PHOTOS: Borno Hisbah shaves off youths’ hair over ‘anti-moral’ hairstyles

PHOTOS: Borno Hisbah shaves off youths' hair over 'anti-moral' hairstyles


The Officials of the Borno State Hisbah have shaved off the hairs of some youths in the state.

In a statement made available by the state deputy commandant of the agency, Mallam Adburrahaman Musa, the hairs of the young men were shaved off because the styles violated the states moral codes and standards.

The statement read, “ #Hisbah army in #Borno state has conducted sa’ido and care of the youths #men and #women during Eid celebration.

“The army is determined to see how the youth are bringing out new inappropriate behaviors during the prayer ceremony.

“In view of the government’s order to go home to the zoo where she shaved many youths, most of them are underage children.

“According to D.C.O Mal. Abdurrahaman Musa “the barbering on the children’s hair is against the good morals and culture of Borno State.”





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