NAHCON warns against exploitation of intending pilgrims

NAHCON warns against exploitation of intending pilgrims




The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has announced its intention to sanction state pilgrims’ welfare boards that overcharge intending pilgrims in excess of the official tariffs that the commission and the state boards have mutually agreed upon.

According to The PUNCH, this was disclosed through a press statement issued by the Deputy Director, Information and Publications, Mousa Ubandawak, on Tuesday.

The commission declared that the Hajj rates issued last Friday are still in effect and include local fees for all types of pilgrims covered by the state pilgrim’s care organizations.

He added that the 2023 fare will still be less than N3 million.

It further stated that any states abusing their intended pilgrims would face instant withdrawal of the 2023 Hajj allotment or revocation of their operational license.

The statement partly reads, “It has come to the attention of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria that there are a lot of distortions floating around in the wake of the announcement of the 2023 final Hajj fare by the Commission as some states are announcing fare different from the ones jointly agreed by the states and the Commission and as approved by the government.

“Therefore, we hasten to hereby reiterate the followings: Firstly, the total Hajj fare remains the one announced by the Commission on Friday, April 7th, 2023 which is less than N3,000,000 (Three million naira) inclusive of local charges for all categories of pilgrims under the State Pilgrims Welfare Agencies.”

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