Lady raped by Lagos Bishop raises alarm over missing evidence

Lady raped by Lagos Bishop raises alarm over missing evidence


One of the two victims who alleged popular Lagos Pastor, Bishop Oluwafeyiropo Daniel, have stated that some of the evidence she submitted to the police were missing from the case file.

PUNCH METRO reported that the cleric who is currently in detention over inability to perfect his bail condition was arrested by the Lagos police command for allegedly raping one of his members.

Latest information has revealed that one of the victims has decried the case of a missing evidence with the police.

The victim said voice recordings, pictures, statements of some witnesses and the petition her lawyer sent to the police, were not in the case file.

She said, “We had a meeting with the prosecutors (after the arraignment) and they wanted to confirm the evidence we had. I told them some of the evidence I had and they asked why I did not give them to the police at the FCID. I said I did and asked if the voice recordings were not in the file and they said no.

“We gave the police a burnt disc and flash drive; the FCID said they were sufficient evidence. We paid for search warrants twice, both at the hospital and at his house, but there was no report of their search.

“The police also went to the hospital he (Daniel) took me to. They travelled down to investigate the doctor, but the report was not there. They came back and said the doctor confirmed I was in the hospital and they recorded some things and got some things from the doctor. The report of what happened was not in the file. What they have in the file are just chats and witnesses’ statements.”

Reacting to the development, the spokesperson for the FCID, Niyi Ogundeyi, refuted the allegations, saying that they are untrue.

He said, “Nothing can be removed. She is just saying what she does not know. Presently, the case file is with the DPP, and they will analyse the case and call the IPO for further investigations and clarifications. A retired AIG (at the FCID) personally called the police prosecutor on the strength of available evidence. The police have been diligent in building a strong case. With the evidence on ground, the man cannot go scot-free.”