INEC must respect voters’ mandate, says Anambra Anglican Archibishop

INEC must respect voters' mandate, says Anambra Anglican Archibishop


Wilson Adekumola

His Grace, Archibishop Emmanuel Chukwuemeka of the Church of Anglican Communion, Nnewi Diocese, has expressed his disappointment over the late arrival of election materials in Anambra State saying the Independent National Electoral Commission must respect voters’ mandate.

He made this known while speaking with Raphael Ede at his polling unit on the late arrival of election materials.

He said he was not happy that election materials are just arriving in some places which delayed them to cast their votes adding that INEC must ensure they exercise their civic rights before they close the election process.

“I am not happy that in some places the election materials did not arrive there on time. It is not right that there is a delay due to logistics. INEC should do more to improve on their logistics for election materials to arrive on time at the places so that people can vote at right time.”

“Now people have been waiting till this time. INEC must not stop until everybody votes. We will not accept it. Everybody here must be accredited so that all of them can vote and continue to vote. INEC must not close down the voting because that’s what we have been waiting for, until everybody votes and the votes count.

The cleric said they would not tolerate any electoral malpractice saying that nothing like rigging or changing of anything, “We are very serious to make sure that the results is announced and there is a credible results and if not what we expected there will be trouble. INEC must respect voters’ mandate.”

Archibishop Chukwuemeka expressed his happiness over the massive turnout despite the security threat in the south east.

He said, “The turnout was so impressive toady more than before. South East has defied threat and come out to vote because there was that fear and hope this will eradicate that fear. We have to make sure that there is change.”


The man of God who is not with current situation said Nigeria is tired and fed up with everything adding that they is a new date for new directives.

“Nigeria are tired and fed up. That is why you see the enchantment of the people. That is why they are out to cast their votes and speak their minds on who to lead them in this country.

He then reasoned that people can no longer sell their conscience stressing that gone are the days when people think that their money has already put them.

He stated further that any candidate they vote for and he gets there and he does not perform they will remove him.
“Nigerians are no more fools. We believe that time has come for change”