How to end Nigerian presidents, govs’ second-term bid – Cleric

How to end Nigerian presidents, govs' second-term bid - Cleric

A former Vice-Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Reverend Dapo Asaju, has advocated for the cancellation of two tenures for Nigerian presidents and state governors.

According to The PUNCH, Asaju who argued for a five-year single term for presidents and governors made the submission on Thursday at Bishop Kola Onaolapo’s 10th Memorial Anniversary Lecture held at the University of Lagos.

Asaju, who spoke on the topic, “Transforming the Nigerian Politics, Perspectives, and Insights”, maintained that this will end what he described as ‘second-term syndrome.’

He said, “The term of the president of Nigeria as well as governors of states should be a single term of five years non-renewable. This puts an end to the second-term syndrome.

“The position should be rotated among the various former regions of North, West, East, Middle Belt; and we may add, the Niger Delta and Middle Belt.

“On no condition should the President and Vice-President or Governor and Deputy Governor come from the same tribe or religion. The extant practice of federal character should be maintained. No president should be allowed to fill all vital positions with appointees from his tribe and religion in exclusion of others and flagrant disregard of the federal character.”