Addiction to social media breeds indiscipline, cleric says

A pastor of Christ The King Church, Joshua Ayokanmi, said, on Friday, that addiction to social media had been breeding indiscipline, particularly in youths.

Ayokanmi told newsmen in Ilorin that social media had bred immorality in youths who were addicted to it.

He noted that youths had become engrossed in making social media friends, and learning bad conduct from such friends through chatting and exchange of immorality.

Ayokami said, “They have different friends and are learning cultures different from indigenous, rich, and comprehensive African cultures.

“They follow friends on social media handles from where they learn bad behaviours and immorality.

“They don’t listen to their parents and to the elderly when advised as they declare such advice as ‘Old School”.

He added that social media had also influenced the way youths dressed and equally influenced their ways of life.

He observed that social media also distracted many youths from their academic pursuits and other gainful engagements.

The pastor advised parents to take parenting seriously; watch over their children and wards, and caution them regularly about social media addiction and abuse.