2023: Group advises Nigerians against religious politics

An interest group, Nigeria Diaspora for Asiwaju, has called on Nigerians to shun politics of religious sentiment before, during and after the 2023 elections.

The Director-General of NDA Worldwide, Mr Akin Badeji, said this while inaugurating the Director-General of the group’s Nigeria chapter, Alhaji Abiola Wasiu, in Abuja on Monday.

Badeji said it was time for the citizenry to move beyond religious sentiment if Nigeria must have good leadership.

“We should not be talking of religion on the basis of choosing our leaders. This is the time we need to choose leaders with competence, leaders who have the requisite capacity to transform and create wealth,’’ he said.

The director-general said Nigerians must choose a leader who could transform the country so that everyone would have a fair share, stressing that development was what the people needed at this particular time in the country.

He said that religious sentiment had held the country back in the past and retarded its development.

“We must shun this for now, as lots of people are banking on religion, moving round the country for their selfish interest.

He said that NDA remained a special purpose vehicle, created by Nigerians in the Diaspora to help in reaching the electorate, wherever they might be and preach the Tinubu presidency to them.